“Royalty Dub” Riddim Release (@IndieRootz)


Montreal’s Reggae label, Indie-Rootz Records, has been busy gearing up for the upcoming release of one of their most anticipated riddim compilations to date, “Royalty Dub” Riddim.

“Royalty Dub” Riddim ties together a fresh reggae sound blended with classic dub elements creating a new-age fusion guaranteed to be loved by reggae fans worldwide. Teaming up with 21st Hapilos for distribution, the album is available for pre-order on I-Tunes and will be available for download November 4th.

Songs on the album include, Music – Patra, All For One And One For All – Mikey General ft. Meagan Simone, Free – Empress Minott, Freedom Fighters – Aphtanan, The Sky’s The Limit – Norval Edgehill, Come Back Home – Juliet Nelson, How Can You Say – Luciano, No Sellout – Donna Makeda, Rock And Come In -Lady G ft. Shae Mill,This Love – Mikey Melody, Life Is A Journey – Jimmy Riley, and Rescue The Poor – Synnus ft. Jimmy Riley.

The label has recently created a buzz in Jamaican and North American media outlets with mentions in notable platforms such as The Jamaica Gleaner and The Jamaica Observer, both noting the upcoming release of the new riddim.

Indie-Rootz released their first single off the album in mid-September titled “Rock and Come In”, voiced by foundation artist, Lady G and St. Ann’s upcoming songstress, Shae Mill. The single headlined Jamaica’s Sunday Gleaner recently under the title of “Lady G is Back”. As a token of appreciation to their fans and supporters, the single is available for free download via soundcloud until November 3rd, 2014.

Indie-Rootz Records continues to work fiercely towards answering the cries of Reggae Fans worldwide that are looking for new and quality Reggae music. With various projects in the works amongst “Royalty Dub”, they strive to keep the hungry music and reggae enthusiasts fed with Live Riddims and original concepts. Expect an E.P from the label in collaboration with Lady G in the future, as well as a release of a few more singles by Canadian and Worldwide Reggae talents working alongside labels such as Toronto’s Heart Of Empress Productions and Montreal’s YuhSeeYou Productions.

Lt. Stitchie will be in Canada for New Years Day weekend – Bookings Available!

Lt. Stitchie will be in Canada for New Years Day weekend – Bookings Available!

The dancehall governor, now turn pastor, Lt. Stitchie will be in Ontario, Canada from Wednesday December 31st through Sunday, January 4th. While in Canada the artist is making himself available to promoters (gospel and/or secular) who would like to take advantage of the opportunity for a show. Persons interested in working with Lt. Stitchie while he is in Canada may send an email to MJE at mariajacksonent@gmail.com outlining required date, location and venue capacity.

If you have not done so as yet, check out Lt. Stitchie recently released single called “temptation. Also watch Stitchie’s official video for the song “war path” here: 

Introducing: Jahriffe Mackenzie (@JAHNIRootsBand)


A generation after the passing of Jamaica’s Bob Marley, reggae is now a worldwide phenomenon, embraced as the music of love, peace and reconciliation. One of the torchbearers for reggae today as a universal sound of healing is young Jahriffe B. Mackenzie, a diminutive dynamo of energetic musicality, of Jamaican panache, a gift from the past. Here is a guide to soulful harmony and introspection, transcending our times of widespread dislocation, disappointment and disappearances.

Steeped in streetwise sound systems, survivor of sound clashes and raucous late night Bronx rent parties, a millennial voice for Rastafari vibrations, Jahriffe Mackenzie transmits sounds as restorative energies. As such, he is a vital voice for 21st-century healing.

If the Internet and social media are hallmarks of high-tech breakthroughs in cross-cultural communication, Jahriffe is the singer-songwriter crossing the aural/cultural boundaries with messages from the past. As a messenger, he brings prescriptions for a planet undergoing changes and stresses on a massive scale.

A singer-songwriter, first-generation Jamaican-American, raised in Boston and the Bronx, he is moving toward a hybrid of classic roots, echoes of old-school harmonies, consciousness seamlessly blended with American rhythm-and-blues, soul and touches of Rasta wisdom. Yet he is equally adept at bass culture, where the dance hall shakes and quakes with waist-winding, soul releasing rub-a-dub, compelling audiences to move and shout. Whether performing in small clubs, coffeehouses, theaters or private parties, this is music as engagement and reflection, taking the listener to the inner self, to reexamine the roles of men and women, family responsibilities, mind purification and release from the rat race of the daily grind. In performance, Jahriffe becomes a spirit guide revealing the ways and values of honesty, integrity and authenticity in a time of inconvenient truths, upheavals and economic crises.

Jahriffe’s life of naturalism and rigorous social activism is amply reflected in his new release, Check Your Timing. It is a riveting blend of consciousness-raising lyrics, subtle messages and a persistent groove, compelling to both the heart and mind while galvanizing to the body. In his selection “Empress,” for instance, he encourages a woman to carry herself regally.
In his words, “what a woman should personify, and a man should be looking for, is royalty.” Likewise, the title track, “Check Your Timing,” is both gentle encouragement and a meditation on the fleeting nature of our lives; Jahriffe cautioning listeners “to be who you want to be, the time is now with a plan.”

“No Profile,” on the other hand, speaks directly to our time of racial profiling, of our modern obsession with style versus substance, when even a Snoop Dog can be transformed into a dreadlocked lion. Championing meditation and the creative potential of our minds, Jahriffe banishes style and fashion in favor of “livity” and principles, “cultivating the divine within us.”

In this time of cataclysmic climate change and the Arab Spring springing all manner of distress in the Middle East and Asia, of wars and rumors of war, Jahriffe taps the mother lode of mind expansion from ancient Africa (Kemet) to restore clarity where there is disruption, sanity where there are eruptions. You might consider him a reggae ambassador effortlessly channeling the One Love, One Heart philosophy to a new generation more transfixed by sound bites and phone apps than calibrations of heart, mind and spirit. Alternatively, one might consider Jariffe as a reggae cardiologist, the Dr. Feelgood of Sixties Flower Power attuned to the trials of life in the fast lane, governmental gridlock and evanescent celebrity culture – “Snooki, who?” Ever mindful of the heart’s centrality to holistic health, every performance of guitarist Jahriffe and his band reinforces the insight of the Ethiopian poet Mary Armedes that “it is the heart that hears, the ear is only an instrument.”

Late at night, when others are fast asleep, Jahriffe will hear and imagine lyrics and riddims for a later stage presence which resembles a travelogue through the catalog of some Jamaican greats – Dennis Brown, the Mighty Diamonds, the Wailers, among others – mixed with flavors of Motown vocals and his own formidable compositions, light years removed from commercial pop, heavy metal and recycled samplings.

But for the versatile, soft-spoken musician and veteran, as he recalls, “of ‘big hat’ voguing in the Bronx ‘80’s stylee,” leaving school for music was a necessity not just a choice. For the youth was assigned to assist his father in setting up and running  sound system down the mean streets of New York City, “selecting and mixing with the Poison Clan Sound System as Selector Danger at age 15.” Instilling flexibility and mobility, the father motivated the son to a transformative mission toward a holistic life and a sense of purpose. Consequently, Jahriffe Mackenzie, an avid reader as well as listener, rediscovered Nubian roots and recovered an energy source to be shared for those who would have the eyes to see, ears and hearts to receive.

As a transmitter of knowledge, father of two children, a conductor of healing vibrations from ancient times to now, the Jahriffe experience can best be summed up in knowledge which comes to us from the ancestors. Its modern retelling echoes in his composition, “Eye of the Storm,” but its heritage is West African. For there, it is believed, “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”

Jahriffe and his band, Jah-N-I, in short, deliver pain relief that is all natural, Mom approved, biodegradable and available without a prescription, derived as it is from the African Diaspora and what Bob Marley called “the natural mystic” of Jamaica. Simply put, Jariffe invites one and all to “Seize the time, for life is short and art is long.”

Peetah Morgan Accused of Neglecting Kids (@morganheritage)


A shocking letter is being circulated on social media, accusing royal family member, Peetah Morgan of neglecting two of his kids. See below the letter which was written by Tamar Minott, the mother of the two kids he is accused of neglecting. 

This is an open letter to Peetah Morgan of  the Internationally known reggae group/band “Morgan Heritage” from Tamar “Fire Pashon” Minott daughter of the Legendary Sugar Minott and the mother of his two daughters

Anyone who know the whereabouts of this man, please remind him that he has two beautiful daughters, Destiny and Journey.Tell him that they still exist! Here is a picture of the last time they saw and spoke to him 8yrs ago.

This has gone on long enough! I honestly think 8yrs is a long time for a parent not to see and support their children. Not knowing how they have been surviving. Its a shame!

Please tell him that these beautiful girls have needs and wants too.They attend school, like any other child.They have school fee to be paid too! They wear clothing and shoes too, they need books and uniforms too, and most of all, they need food to survive each day!!!

Not because a mother can balance herself and support her children, means that, the father should just walk around with a big smile for 8 yrs not knowing how HIS beautiful/smart/talented/well mannered children survive.This is not just about MONEY! I know what it is to have a great father in my life. A father who gave me the greatest gift, which was love.

Mi know seh some people aggo bex, but I care zero! I’ve been silent all these years, and I felt like doing this today. So please forgive me if I offend any of you. My apologies. WhoFeelsItKnowsIt

The soulful one Asante Amen to perform in Italy on October 31st (@AsanteAmen)


Jamaica’s soulful Reggae singer, Asante Amen will be making his first ever appearance in Italy on October 31st as he joins Italian Reggae artist Ras Tewelde for the Chant Down Babylon Coronation Dance.  The event will take place at “Le 4 Vianove” (Ristorante Pizzeria Birreria Braceria) located in Vinchiaturo, Italy, with both acts being joined by Psalm Collective Sound and Mr. Joint Selecta.

Though this will be Asante Amen’s first time on Italian soil, Italian Reggae lovers are very familiar with his music as he is already being approached by other promoters for additional dates while he is in the country.

See below Asante Amen’s contact info and be sure to follow him on social media for updates on his ongoing European tour. And if you haven’t done so as yet, check out his latest video for the single “Only Ras Tafari”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xWYfc-Lqpw




The soulful one Asante Amen to perform in Italy on October 31st



In his teenage years he began to dj for sound systems he also ventured into a singing career. He has worked with artist such as tarrus riley, Gyptian, Ricky blaze & many more.Majah Hype is now a name that is recognized in the tristate areas & Abroad such as the far East corners of Japan to the Historic sights of Europe and also the Caribbean. being the cheerful funny but humble character that he has always been he has began to launch his Comedy career which has been sturing up a buzz on the social media networks such as instagram, Facebook, twitter, and youtube. This multi talented man has created 7 characters all of that he plays in his skits “something like a soap opera” colin, di rass, sheldon, manjahdo, terrence, hainsley, everton, and more, all of different cultures & backgrounds which i might say is sort of Genius to bring all these together as one.


Majah hype is Currently working on his latest music project which is a mix tape set to be released with at least twenty five tracks of diverse music from r&b to dancehall to reggae & pop. It has been said that about 85% of the Production on this Project will be orchestrated and arranged by Majah Hype.
He is also preparing to shoot his movie that he has written the script for. It’s going to feature the characters that you may know from his instagram page. We should be expecting this movie to be publicly released and on this website this coming fall as early as November.

Visit online at http://www.imsomajah.net/

Ready Fi Josey (@IrishandChin)

The “Outlaw” Josey Wales has stamped 2014 as his year! The “Rub-a-Dub” giant has lent his legendary lyrical prowess to the new song “Ready Fi Josey,” one of several songs released on the “Take it Easy” riddim. Recorded for the Ranch Entertainment Label, owned by Diamond-selling Reggae supertar Shaggy, Wales defies time on “Readi Fi Josey” giving the new generation of deejays quite a run for their money.

For Wales, it was a great opportunity to collaborate with Shaggy on this project, who he rates highly. Even more special to Wales was recording on a riddim “Take it Easy,” which was originally produced by the late champion of Rocksteady Hopeton Lewis. Thankfully, Lewis was alive to witness the revamp of his historical riddim. By all means, Sting International offers fans a revitalized, fresh take on Lewis’ classic riddim. It’s fun and catchy, attracting attention from radio DJ’s and sounds/selectors alike. Other artists featured on the riddim, include Shaggy, Christopher Martin, Red Fox, Screechy Dan and GC. So, Reggae fans, we encourage you to get ‘Ready Fi Josey’ by downloading the red-hot single today!

Earlier this year, during his “Return of the Outlaw” tour, which touched down in more than a dozen U.S. cities, Wales wowed thousands of fans across the country. Never missing a beat, despite a 15 year U.S. performance hiatus, Wales delivered memorable performances, chock full of 80’s anthems and loads of energy. What made Wales’ tour extra rewarding, was the outpour of love he received from multi-generational audiences.

Wales’ “Ready Fi Josey” single, appearance in popular dancehall artist Konshen’s “Don Dada” video earlier this summer and heralded performances before diverse audiences across the country during the “Return of the Outlaw” tour have collectively solidified Wales’ grip on young fans and fellow Dancehall fraternity members. Notably, a hot Wales classic is slated to be remade by a popular young artist soon.


“It’s a lie”, the truth about life by Karamanti (@Karamanti)


The certainty about Karamanti is her take on any issue of reality. Karamanti has grown her art through her quest for truth and utter of reality; as a reality artiste she has shown consistency in her delivery of a message in each of her music.

Vocals recorded by Snysh at Mixing Lab Studio in Kingston Jamaica and performed by Karamanti, ‘IT’S A LIE’ was produced by Christopher G for Christopher-G Records & Black on Black Productions in St. Thomas, Jamaica, on the Movie Time Riddim.

Though the song sets life as a movie in which each actor doubles as a lead and director, Karamanti was quick to draw the rhetoric that life is really ongoing and indeed not a movie you can pause.This is a song that identifies much of modern life’s routines as artificial and sadly false. ‘IT’S A LIE’ is a song that encourages its audience to turn away from the norm of following other people’s dreams, to staying focused on one’s own purpose in life.

“lights camera action yu on
star yu owna show from di day weh yu born
yu a di lead actor no second in command
so film can end any way weh yu waa
a yu fi determine an know weh fi gwan
select all di cast members co stars
di point me a mek is yu a di boss
an a real ife dis no film weh fi pause”

You are not second in command, “IT’S A LIE”, the truth of the matter is that you are in control of your life, you are the boss player, lead actor, director so play a good role. This is the message in this song, herein attached »  “IT’S A LIE”!

Author: Adokwei Addo

Oriel’s “Sticks & Stones” Video & “Rise of the Revoluters” Mixtape (@orielrevoluters)


Reggae star Oriel is ending the remaining months of 2014 on a high note with an arsenal of accomplishments. The prolific singer just finished a successful promotional tour of Jamaica where he debuted his latest video filmed on the beautiful birth place of Reggae.

To add to this deed, MTV.com is not only premiering his hit video “Sticks & Stones” but for a limited time is hosting a free promotional download of Oriel’s “Rise of the Revoluters” mixtape.

Directed by Wayne Benjamin and produced by Afar Music Group, “Sticks & Stongs” hard edge social commentary sings Revoluters mek we start a revolution. Dont ever let the system take you down, Down ever let the system break you, Make some noise, Lets do this, Revoluters mek we start ahh Revolution

Unlike other mixtapes, ”Rise Of The Revoluters” is not just a series of songs, but rather a cultural musical voyage through 17 tracks, 12 new, 5 previously released from the ”Confidence” EP, remixes, skits, poems and samples of speeches and quotes from Revoluters past and present. This Thought provocative project will take you on a revolutionary journey of the mind that will leave you pondering. . ORieL says, ”the purpose for ”Rise Of The Revoluters” is to revolutionize the thinking of the masses in so bringing about a revolutionary change mentally and physically that’s long overdue. The plan is to do something unique with this project that we are calling a Mixtape/Album, and so ”Rise Of The Revoluters” is different because its more of a fusion between a mixtape and traditional album”.


MillBeatz Entertainment Makes the Call Riddim (@MillbeatzEnt)


MillBeatz Entertainment crafts the thrilling dancehall reggae compilation Call Riddim – Various Artists,available worldwide from all major digital retailers onOctober 28, 2014, with pre-order available now, fromFOX FUSE. The riddim features some big names from both Jamaica and Trinidad, proving the diversity and demand ofMillBeatz’s music.

Legendary Jamaican dancehall star General Degreeheadlines the release, alongside Trinidadian reggae and dancehall thriller Prophet Benjamin. Jamaica’s Lukie D, Trinidad’s RKG and the riddim instrumental round out this five-track collection of Trinidadian-flavored dancehall bangers.

Based in Trinidad, MillBeatz Entertainment was formed by producer David Millien, whose talent and fusion sounds have made him a mainstay on Trinidadian radio and on Caribbean music platforms, worldwide. The hit-filled Call Riddim adds fuel to the growing MillBeatz catalog and provides new reggae gems for fans everywhere. Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/call-riddim-ep/id924342169


1. General Degree – Caribbean Slow Wine
2. Prophet Benjamin – Big Agouti
3. Prophet Benjamin – Big Agouti (Raw)
4. Lukie D – Give Me Some
5. RKG – Body Good
6. MillBeatz Entertainment – Call Riddim (Instrumental)


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